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Composite (white) Fillings
What are Composite Fillings?
These are tooth coloured / white fillings which resemble the natural appearance of tooth structure. Composite dental fillings in India are routinely done with high aesthetic results.
Composite dental fillings
When are they required?
  • To repair chipped or fractured teeth
  • To treat teeth with cavities
  • To change the size, colour and shape of teeth for esthetics reasons
  • To close midline diastema (gap) of front teeth
  • To close small gaps between the teeth
Composite Filling For Your Better Smile
Which is the best material for tooth fillings?
When it comes to selecting the best material for treatment of dental cavities in India, consultation with your dentist is the key. Strength, aesthetics, cost and longevity of dental filling materials vary greatly in different situations and for different patients. Our cosmetic dentists in New Delhi, India will guide you about the choice of material that will best suit you depending upon the condition of your teeth, the size and depth of the cavity.


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