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Digital Dental X-rays
What are digital dental x-rays?
X-rays are an essential component of a complete and thorough dental examination. They are divided into two main categories, intra-oral and extra-oral. X-rays are used routinely in dental practices to give a high level of detail. They allow the dentist to look for cavities, crown and root forms, structure of the bone, development of the teeth etc. which are essential for diagnosis and treatment planning.
32 Smile Stone Dental X-rays
What are its Advantages?
  • Less radiation : there is 70-80% less radiation exposure to patients.
  • Shorter dental appointments : the x-ray image is developed instantly, so there is no waiting time.
  • Higher quality images : digital x-rays can be enlarged, brightness and contrast adjusted allowing the dentist to read x-rays more efficiently.
  • Dental records transfer : the image can be sent to other doctors immediately for additional review. A hard copy of the x-ray can be printed out and given to the patient.
  • Environmentally friendly : since no chemicals are used to develop the film, there is no need for a darkroom or storage space.
Digital Dental X-rays
Hence, digital radiology offers many advantages when compared to traditional film based x-rays. Using digital dental x-rays in New Delhi has enhanced dentist's diagnosis and patient care in many dental offices.


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