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Flexible Partials
What is a Flexible Partial Denture?
The Valplast flexible partial denture is an exciting newcomer to the denture field. It is ideal for those patients who have lost several but not all their teeth and require a partial denture.

This type of denture is very light, durable and comes in a range of colours which are designed to match your gum tissue. It is hypo-allergenic and blends in well with the natural movement of your mouth. So, no worries about denture slipping, moving around and irritating your mouth!
32 Smile Stone Flexible Partials
What are the Advantages of flexible partials?
  • It's Easy : simple to adjust and polish.
  • It's Esthetic : natural pink gum shades available with veined acrylic details.
  • It's Comfortable : thin, lightweight, and flexible for easy insertion.
  • It's Strong : clinically unbreakable and more durable than acrylic.
  • It's Hygienic : more resistant to stains or odours
What is the Cost of flexible partials?
If you are considering having a dental bridge or dental implants, then you will find that flexible partial denture can cost less than half the price of these. Cost of flexible partials in India is always an important part of any dental treatment and the fact that this is cheaper makes it more attractive for people living in the west and other European countries.

The Valplast denture in New Delhi costs slightly more than the traditional partial dentures (acrylic and cast metal) but it can be produced very quickly and blends in well with your mouth. It is an aesthetically pleasing type of denture. Below are mentioned other types of partial dentures.
32 Smile Stone Acrylic Partial Denture
Acrylic Partial Denture
These are conventional partial dentures made of acrylic and mainly used as temporaries for a short duration of time. They consist of an acrylic base with plastic teeth and gum areas.
32 Smile Stone Cast Metal Partial Denture
Cast Metal Partial Denture
They consist of a metal framework having metal clasps or other attachments to give it additional strength. Teeth are placed over it and surrounded with pink gum tissue.
Home Care Instructions
  • Remove and rinse your partial after eating.
  • Clean your partial every day to remove food deposits and plaque using tooth brushes and denture cleansers.
  • Rinse your mouth after removing your dentures.
  • Remove your partial denture every night.
  • Soak them in mild denture soaking solution overnight.

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