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Home Bleaching
What is Home Bleaching of teeth?
Home teeth whitening is a procedure that lightens the colour of the teeth over an extended period of time. At home, professionally dispensed take home whitening kits can produce significant results overtime. Take home kits utilize a lower concentration peroxide gel that can remain on the teeth for a longer period of time as opposed to 1Hr office teeth whitening. The lower the peroxide percentage, the longer it may safely remain on the teeth. There are three safe options for home bleaching.
32 Smile Stone Home Bleaching
What are the different types of home bleaching products?
  • Whitening Toothpastes
Whitening toothpastes contain safe chemicals that eliminate stains from teeth. They can usually brighten a smile by 1-2 shades only. They are inexpensive and can be conveniently bought at your local supermarket or drug store.
  • Whitening Strips and Gels
Whitening strips and gels can be placed right over teeth and left on for certain amount of time as per the manufactures instructions. Optimal whitening takes about 2 weeks and you'll need to use them twice a day. Whitening strips and gels are more slightly more expensive than whitening toothpastes. These are also readily available at the local drug store.
  • Home Bleaching Trays
These are customised bleaching trays made by the dentist after taking moulds of your teeth. They are flexible, transparent plastic trays which fit securely around your teeth. Simply fill them with a mild whitening solution and place them inside your mouth. Only a small amount should be applied to minimize the amount of excess bleach used. Wear the trays for a few hours everyday for 2 weeks and notice the change in colour.
32 Smile Stone Home Bleaching Trays
Advantages of home bleaching?
  • Long term results : long term maintenance is easier and home bleach can be repeated many times as per your daily or weekly schedule.
  • Convenience : this can be done anytime of the day / night and for short / extended period of time.
  • Portability : you can use the trays anywhere your travel.
  • Cost : it is cheaper than office bleach.
  • Re-usable : you can re-use these trays in your mouth even after a few months gap.
Disadvantages of home bleaching?
  • People have the responsibility of wearing the trays and completing the treatment themselves.
  • Many people like instant results which can only be achieved through chair-side teeth bleaching.
How many shades lighter will my teeth get after bleaching?
It is important for you to understand that every individual's teeth respond in a unique way to bleaching and whitening products. Some people will see dramatic results in a short time; others may see lesser results or require a lengthier treatment time. This is why it is very important to seek the advice and supervision of a dentist for your safety and favourable results.
Does bleaching change the colour of existing fillings & crowns?
Bleaching does not change the colour of existing porcelain crowns, veneers or white fillings. However, these may become more noticeable and need to be replaced to match the new whiter shade of your teeth after bleaching.

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